Gallery of Homes

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Atlantic Beach Living

Stylish living in an elegant, contemporary setting defines Aria's most recently completed project in beautiful Atlantic Beach. Featuring clean lines and novel design elements, the home incorporates a variety of contrasting materials to form an exciting, cohesive whole.

Neptune Beach Home

Built to defy the elements, this Neptune Beach home incorporates the latest construction techniques and materials. Designed by DCOOP, the architectural group behind such Jacksonville hot spots as the Black Sheep Restaurant, Taverna and M. Shack at the Town Center, this home represents the perfect melding of style and substance.

Clean Lines

Bold, clean lines define this new modern home in Jacksonville Beach, designed by Nicolas Renard of Cote Renard Architecture. Compact yet spacious, this home blends natural finishes with sleek and stylish contemporary design and European styling to create a unique and fashionable environment for living and entertaining.

Colorful Beach Home

This modern home brings along a splash of colorful beach living. This cutting-edge design is the work of architect Mark Macco. Aria Homes has incorporated a wide variety of innovative finishes and materials, along with the latest construction techniques, to make this beachfront home a showcase of modern style and design.

Previous Projects
Before founding Aria Homes, Irina Johnson served as President of Benchmark Custom Luxury Homes. During her 12-year tenure there, she was responsible for the construction of many homes in a variety of styles. These are just a few samples.